8th October 2021

Day one

8.30-9.00 AM: Registration

9.00-9.05 AM: Introduction

9.05-9.10 AM: Welcome by Dean Pedersen (Dean of the CEHS

9.10-9.40 AM:Dr. Jason Kirksey (VP Institutional Diversity at OSU)

9.40-10.00AM: Break (Find your groups)

10.00-10.30AM: Breakout Session 01 Dr. Newton D' Souza: How human should technology be? A Critical Review of Digital Technology in the Design Process (Head of the Dept. Interior Architecture,FIU)

10.30-12.00 AM: Problem solving in groups

12.00-12.30 PM: Lunch

1.00-1.30 PM: Breakout Session 02- Issues in Gender Equity: Ms. Irissa Baxtor (Coordinator of Women’s and LGBTQ Affairs, OSU)

1.30-3.30 PM: Problem solving in teams

9th October 2021

Day two

9.00-9.30AM: Breakout Session 03- Social Entrepreneurship: Dr. Craig Watters (Executive Director, School Entrepreneurship, OSU)

9.30-12.00AM: Problem solving in groups

12.00-12.30PM: Lunch

12.30-1.00 PM: Breakout Session 04- Design Thinking: Dr. Tutaleni Asino (Asso Prof. CEHS)

12.30-3.30PM: Problem solving in groups

3.30-4.00PM: Discussion and End of Day 02 (Group Presentations) 

10th October 2021

Day three


9.00-12.00AM: Problem solving 

12.00-12.30PM: Lunch

12.30-2.30PM: Prepare presentation

2.30-4.00PM: Final Presentations             


Mixed Reality Lab
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Dr. Tilanka Chandrasekera
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Dr. Aditya Jayadas
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