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Designathon 2019

October 11th, 12th and 13th, 2019 | OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY

Wearable Dwellings

Le Corbusier’s well-known phrase ‘The house is a machine for living in’ suggested a kind of machinic aesthetic that became an important concept behind the functionality, standardization and rational order that together laid the foundation of modern architecture. This project aims at raising the question, “what is a home? “ With the intention of reframing what we believe, a home should be.

What is the purpose of your skin? What is the purpose of clothing? What is the purpose of buildings? The basic function of all of these is to protect you from external elements/forces. These act as layers that offer protection. The skin protects you from external forces entering your body; clothing adds an additional layer to that, which is then enhanced by the envelope of buildings. In this project, we are asking you to re think what the main purpose of these layers are, and provide solutions to different scenarios. 

Designathon 2019

The Designathon was concluded successfully with the participation of 9 teams from both Oklahoma State University and Icesi University in Colombia.