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Designathon 2020

Re-Design of the Oklahoma City Zoo

The Oklahoma City Zoo is a living museum of 1900 animal species, expansive botanical gardens & over 26000 members. As a part of its 20 million dollar renovation, the zoo is redesigning the following areas.

o Entry plaza
o Lemur habitat
o Pachyderm
o Pygmy/Hippo Flamingo area
o Savanna (Giraffe barn, Hoofstock barn)
o Painted dog
o Red river hog/Warthog
o Cheetah
o Train ride
o Existing holding

As a member of a design team propose design ideas that would be appealing to both the zoo personnel and patrons of the zoo

  • Design Deliverables

  • 7-10 Power point presentation that includes the following

  • Title slide with team # & names + Creative name for team

  • Design challenge

  • Use of creative & critical thinking : Brainstorming and any other tools used

  • Design concept : Catchy name for design concept

  • Inspiration for design concept

  • Design presentation/schematic drawings

  • Target market

  • What was fun & challenging/If you had the keys → next step

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This event is organized by the OSU student chapter of the United States Green Building Council. Please let us know what you thought of this project, or if you have any questions.


Dr. Aditya Jayadas
Faculty Advisor USGBC/OSU
Assistant Professor
Oklahoma State University

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