Janurary 26-27, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater-OK

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Registration deadline: December 15th, 2017

Calling all Hackers!

Designers, Learners, Artists, Engineers, Enthusiasts, Experts, Students, Professionals…. Anyone… Calling everyone who's interested, to come and join us to experience, explore, learn and solve problems using digital tools like Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality at the Mixed Reality Lab, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, Oklahoma. This hackathon is focused on solving real world problems using digital tools, not on technical aspects such as coding. The Hackathon will be open to anyone, from the absolute beginner to the professional hacker, so you are not required to have any specialized skills apart from having a basic understanding of operating a computer.

Three workshops (September 5th, October 3rd and November 7th) will provide basic information on how to use these different digital tools. Mentors will also help individual teams with their solution, during the Hackathon. The Hackathon will feature multidisciplinary teams of five or more team members. These multidisciplinary teams will work together in solving the problem posed to them. The event is designed to run for two days, and at the end of the Hackathon, a panel of judges will determine the winning solution. Every participant will receive a gift for participating, and the winning team will received awards for their work.

Keynote Speaker

Andrew Couch

Smiley faceAndrew Couch is the founder and CEO of Candy Lab AR, a location-based Augmented Reality technology company headquartered in Orange County, CA. Andrew has worked in the Augmented Reality space since 2012 when the Candy Lab team launched their first location-based augmented reality app CacheTown. An avid speaker on Augmented Reality trends and the future growth of AR, Andrew is also a board advisor for the global VR/AR Association and is the Co-Chair of the location-based services and mapping committee. He has been featured in Mashable, Adweek, VentureBeat and is the recipient of multiple Addy awards.

Organized by




Simon Manning CEO, Bevel Space


Nate Beatty CTO / Co-founder, IrisVR


Jon BrouchoudCEO, Arch Virtual


Registration and Breakfast

Keynote and Workshop

Andrew Couch CEO, Candy Lab



Break Out Session 1

Simon Manning CEO, Bevel Space



Discussion and end of Day 1


Break Out Session 2

Nate BeattyCTO / Co-founder, IrisVR



Break Out Session 3

Jon BrouchoudCEO Arch Virtual






Registration is Free

Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided

You will not be required to stay overnight

Every participant will receive gifts and prizes

The winning team will get to present to a highly qualified team of judges

The winning team will receive prizes

You will get the chance to listen to world renowned professionals during the break out sessions and keynote


Smiley faceThe Hackathon will be conducted at the Mixed Reality Lab in the College of Human Sciences at Oklahoma State University (463, Human Sciences, Stillwater, OK 74078). The lab is equipped with VR, AR, 3D printing, Motion Capture and Eyetracking technology.